We organize a zazen + bastu day, Stora Härsjön, Söndag Nov 25, 2018. with the nun  Rei Kiku Femenias.

This zen dojo  is led by the nun  Rei Kiku Femenias,  who received dharma transmission from   Master Kosen in April 2015.

We welcome through the year,  people who want to practice zazen, twice a week:  sunday from  8:30 to 10:30  and wednesday from  6:00 to  07:15.  Distansgatan 59, near Frölunda Torg , 350m  from tram  1,7,8. Ring Femenias & Gruau. Price is 20 kronors per zazen. Initiation and first zazen is free. Contact:  femenias at chalmers dot se,  0735570048 or 0313530838

Zazen starts on time, beginners must  come on sunday,  at 8:00, in order to receive a free initiation. They  will be explained how to take the posture of zazen, and how to behave in a dojo.

You can also join us for zazen from your home, from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android on : .