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Transcontinental half day of zazen, Sunday May 19

 People from the Kosen Sangha, in Argentina and in Europa are practicing regularly on line using the professional visioconf system ”zoom” (tablet, pc, smartphone) in the virtual room  whose adress is:  https://zoom.us/s/9070503010 We will sit there together Sunday May 19, with master Paula Reikiku  at:
–  8:00-11:00 am Argentine time
– 13:00-16:00 pm French time
Newcommers are welcome, the virtual dojo will be open 10mm before zazen. Try connect before,  it makes you install the app. 9070503010 is the number you may have to enter.
The event will also  be hosted jointly by the Cordoba dojo in argentina, and the ”goteborg popup zazen group” in Sweden (at Distansgatan 59). We’ll provide a large screen for better interaction.

End-of-year Zen Sesshin 29-30 dec 2018, seaside, near Göteborg

We organize   the end-of-year zen sesshin  in the tradition of Master Deshimaru’s school, by the sea side, near Göteborg. The sesshin starts in the morning and finishes the same day, late at night. The teaching  is given by the monk  Senki Gruau.

Price is 300 or 400 Kronors depending on your means Strandbynäsgård  is right by the sea side, 10 kilometer from  Ljungskile, adress is ANDEKÄRR 332,   Ljungskile.  Arrival is on Saturday ~8h, leave on sunday after brunch. Approximate sittting schedule: 9:00, 11:30, 17:00, 20:30, 22:00,  00:30. Each sitting includes two zazen and a kin-hin in between exept the afternoon zazen of 17:00 which is three zazen.

What to bring:  A zafu, clothe for meditation (not tight, dark colors), a blanket. We will organize a car pooling from Göteborg,  subscribe  before friday dec 28th, by sending an email to gruau at lri dot fr.

See you soon! photos of previous sesshin on facebook.

Zazen night, on December 30.

Hello there,

This year only Paula is going to do the winter sesshin in France, in the temple of the Kosen sangha.
It traditionnaly includes a night of zazen, on the 30th of december (on the 31rd, is the feast). Since I'm used to finish the year with zazen, I will do it where I am: in Sweden, in our appartment, 59 Distansgatan, Flatås.
I welcome other pratictionners who want to experiment, just email me, before december 29th.
Arrival is 20:00, the  sessions are scheduled 20h30, 22H15, 0H30, 2H15. Each session  is two zazen with
one kinhin in the middle. There is a small pause between sessions, and a longer pause
at midnight, with a light meal.
I offer limited accomodation (two matress, and a couch) for people not being able to make it back home at 3:30 in the morning.