Zazen night, on December 30.

Hello there,

This year only Paula is going to do the winter sesshin in France, in the temple of the Kosen sangha.
It traditionnaly includes a night of zazen, on the 30th of december (on the 31rd, is the feast). Since I'm used to finish the year with zazen, I will do it where I am: in Sweden, in our appartment, 59 Distansgatan, Flatås.
I welcome other pratictionners who want to experiment, just email me, before december 29th.
Arrival is 20:00, the  sessions are scheduled 20h30, 22H15, 0H30, 2H15. Each session  is two zazen with
one kinhin in the middle. There is a small pause between sessions, and a longer pause
at midnight, with a light meal.
I offer limited accomodation (two matress, and a couch) for people not being able to make it back home at 3:30 in the morning.