Transcontinental half day of zazen, Sunday May 19

 People from the Kosen Sangha, in Argentina and in Europa are practicing regularly on line using the professional visioconf system ”zoom” (tablet, pc, smartphone) in the virtual room  whose adress is: We will sit there together Sunday May 19, with master Paula Reikiku  at:
–  8:00-11:00 am Argentine time
– 13:00-16:00 pm French time
Newcommers are welcome, the virtual dojo will be open 10mm before zazen. Try connect before,  it makes you install the app. 9070503010 is the number you may have to enter.
The event will also  be hosted jointly by the Cordoba dojo in argentina, and the ”goteborg popup zazen group” in Sweden (at Distansgatan 59). We’ll provide a large screen for better interaction.